The new Hotel Ruby Marie, the second property from hotelier Michael Struck, is set to open at the end of 2015 in Vienna. Not only will it feature a super-fast check-in system, but guests will also be able to check out by simply walking out, for maximum convenience. 

All of this is made possible thanks to state of the art digital technology from hetras, a cloud-based platform that allows hoteliers to manage all distribution processes and all hotel operations, from check-in to invoices, using a single system. Not only that, but hetras can also simultaneously support a CRS and PMS with a single database.

Once in their Hotel Ruby Marie rooms, guests will receive a personal welcome from a slim tablet, a digital concierge called SuitePad. SuitePad will provide guests with all relevant hotel information and insider tips on Vienna - the best art exhibitions, major concerts and trendiest bars in the city - prepared by the Ruby team. SuitePad is connected to the hetras hotel management system through an interface.

Moritz_SuitpadThe entertainment offered on the digital concierge also includes a broad selection of games, music, and WiFi, and it allows guests to buy Ruby Marie products through the Online Ruby Goods Shop. “We are really excited about the new features, such as the Ruby internet radio and live chat, available to guests via the new Ruby Marie digital concierge,” explains Moritz von Petersdorff-Campen, co-founder of SuitePad. “The live chat function in particular makes it a lot easier for guests to communicate with hotel staff, and at the same time not only preserves personal contact, but makes it a straightforward reality.”

SuitePad greets guests with a personal welcome and music from Ruby's radio station upon arrival, gives them direct access to their bookings, and allows them to manage their data. It also provides guests with information on any discounts they may be eligible for when booking their next stay through the hotel's own Internet Booking Engine (IBE).


"We are currently planning to further upgrade SuitePad to offer a chat function with a voice or video connection," says Struck.
Michael_StruckSuitePad puts Ruby Marie right at the top when it comes to the latest trends. In a survey conducted by, eighty-four percent of respondents said that they would prefer a SuitePad over a guest information folder, and seventy-one percent even went so far as to rate tablets number one when it comes to communication channels between a hotel and guests. The interface between SuitePad and the hetras hotel management software also allows the tablet to be highly personalized. As well as a personal welcome, the tablets can also be used to send guests automatic messages, such as feedback requests. Plus, it allows guests to provide feedback and ratings digitally and, if desired, directly send them to TripAdvisor or  
With all that it offers, SuitePad integrates seamlessly into Michael Struck's Lean Luxury concept, which offers guests trendy design, high-quality room furnishings, and multi-media features at affordable prices. It’s a concept that is possible thanks to lean processes and cloud-based technology from SuitePad and hetras.

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