Optimization and personalization are the name of the game. New generation travelers expect a certain level of customization and service from their chosen accommodation, which means hotels must strike at inefficiencies if they want to remain successful. roomchecking partners with hetras cloud-based PMS

Something as seemingly insignificant as being disturbed by housekeeping at an inopportune time, not being provided with enough towels, or waiting too long for a room can detract from a guest's experience. It can also reduce the likelihood of a repeat stay and positive word-of-mouth endorsements.

To strike at the heart of these issues, hetras has partnered with RoomChecking to provide hoteliers with a simple way to optimize their operations and deliver a better guest journey.

The RoomChecking management software allows for easy, real-time communication between management and staff to help solve problems before they happen.


A streamlined solution

hetras cloud-based management partners with roomcheckingWhere, traditionally, verbal communication and a clear chain of command ruled, RoomChecking has aggregated everything into one platform that can be run from a tablet in conjunction with the hetras cloud management software.

All hotel operations — from maintenance to housekeeping, room management to timesheet planning — can be managed from one easily accessible place. Staff can use the tool to flag problems, highlight specific requests, communicate with each other, and manage room status and availability to provide effortless, problem-free customer service.

Furthermore, the tool, which is available through the hetras public API, seamlessly integrates into the hetras cloud-based hotel management software, ensuring easy implementation and transition for hoteliers.


Crisis management

The best kind of problem is one that never gets out of hand. Since RoomChecking allows potential issues, such as broken equipment, room availability conflicts and special requests, to be spotted in advance, management is better equipped to find solutions before a guest notices anything amiss.

By using a unified platform, staff can report issues and order maintenance, update a room's status as soon as it is ready, check on the expiration dates of hotel assets (such as mini bar items), and respond to unexpected circumstances without wasting time by following a chain of command.

Task delegation can be conducted with a few presses and swipes of a tablet screen, increasing staff productivity and efficiency while eliminating redundant work practices.



Anticipating the personal preferences of every guest can be challenging. RoomChecking addresses this by allowing staff members to enter information into the system; they can quickly flag if a guest has made a special request (like additional towels or a cot bed), is planning to check in or out at an unusual time, or has reported an issue. Each staff member is instantaneously informed and better equipped to provide guests with the kind of individual service that they require.


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