The Student Hotel is an innovative venture and hybrid hotel concept that depends on a highly efficient hotel software platform supplied by hetras. The chain offers both long-term housing for students and accommodation for short-term city breaks. 

To date, the chain operates hotels in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and The Hague, all of which use the same hotel software platform in the hetras Cloud. A new site in Groningen is set to open in summer 2016.

"We are really pleased about The Student Hotel's success with its highly innovative housing and hotel concept," comments Philip von Ditfurth, one of hetras' managing directors, "and we are delighted that our Internet-based platform is more than capable of meeting all of the technical requirements associated with managing this pioneering housing concept."


A double act – student housing and hotel

Since The Student Hotel is used to accommodate students during the semester and short-term travelers and hotel guests during semester breaks, its management software has to be capable of allowing available rooms to be allocated on a very flexible basis.


The transition period between a semester's end and the start of a semester break and vice a versa is always extremely demanding for The Student Hotel. This is where hetras makes sure that everything goes smoothly. The software allows hotels to market student accommodation as hotel rooms on a flexible basis, with fully automated distribution on all channels and very low operational costs.

In addition to a property management system for handling guest rooms and a front office management system, hetras' platform also includes a channel manager that centrally coordinates room prices and availabilities for all of the connected booking channels. An automated payment system, interfaces to the payment providers, and the key system are also part of the platform.

The Student Hotel's predominantly young target audience is used to organizing travel details from mobile devices. Tech-savvy guests generally have high expectations of a hotel or long-term accommodation, which, for example, places heavy demands on the software's capacity to check guests in and out efficiently.

Automating all hotel operations also makes room booking processes leaner, because it removes the need to manually process standard room bookings.  Instead, the booking system directly enters information into the reservation system. From there, payments are automatically pre-authorized, reservations confirmed, payments invoiced and processed, and notices sent to the guests. 


Technology partner for pioneering projects

The innovative concept of a hotel that uses efficient hotel management software to offer long- and short-term housing as well as hotel accommodation is rapidly gaining in popularity. The Student Hotel aims to have 10,000 rooms open by 2020. hetras is the technology that an ambitious and pioneering venture needs in order to succeed.


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