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hetras hotel management solutions
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The hotel management system built to help you spend more time with guests, not computers.


Built for efficiency

We’re making a PMS you don’t need to pay attention to, so you can look after your guests, instead.

It’s built primarily with guest convenience in mind, including a check-in solution that means people can skip the queue and get into their rooms immediately.

And it's future proof, so no matter what new innovation comes out, with us you’ll always be able to integrate with it.


“Hetras management offers the right balance of flexibility and technical knowledge, allowing BLOC to fine tune its offerings and combine technology and guest experience in an efficient, commercially viable process.” 

Rob Morgan, Founder and Managing Director of BLOC Hotels

"Its cloud based architecture works well with our lean structures, and hetras’ intuitive, tablet-based user interface means that we can now also staff our reception desks with non-technical personnel."

Michael Struck, Founder and Managing Director Ruby Hotel

"Since the switch, we have become a lot more flexible, both with regard to the hardware we use, as well as the way we employ our staff. We can access all of the hotel’s data without actually having to be in the hotel"

Christian Dorow, Managing Director and Owner hotel prinz

Hetras Solutions

Finally, a hotel PMS that tries to stay out of the way.

What we do

We’re changing the way hotel property management systems work.


A property management system that integrates

Most hotels use less than 30% of their existing property
management system, so why build it? 

Rather than trying to build everything in-house and force our clients to use our tools, we thought we’d build an open system that has the essential parts built in.

A system so easy, it takes only three days to train staff.

Cloud based
easy to use
Stable and secure

We've learned from the best hotel groups in the world and built a stable and secure system that is made to last. In addition, as part of the Shiji Group, we're now part of a broader network of platforms that deliver the most advanced hotel technology systems, ranging from PMS to Big Data platforms.

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"We've processed millions of transactions and room nights"

As probably the first hotel management system and PMS built entirely as a cloud-based system, we’ve processed millions of transactions and room nights over the last decade. 

We've learned from the best hotel groups in the world and built a sturdy future-proof system that is made to last.

Whether your staff members use an iPad to help guests check in at the bar, front-desk, lobby, or lounge, or if your guests want to self check in and unlock their rooms with their phones, it’s already here.

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Totally Focused

Our pricing is really competitive, totally predictable and honest (yes, that includes integrations).




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