Online Check-in

An Airline guest Journey for hotels

No need to stand in line

We've launched a totally new idea for hotels: Online check-in. Of course hotels have mobile apps and they're essential for communications and loyal guests.

But we've taken it one step further. Online check-in, eliminating the need to download an app etc. Just click on a link, fill in the missing information, get a QR code, which can be used to make your room key as needed.

So, no more standing in line. Let's focus on helping guests with their stay, and let computers and technology can take care of filling out the forms.

Better experiences

Simple implementation


Key Features

A system built for your hotel or group, to allow guests to check in, pay, get their unique check-in QR code and check-out.

  • Built in to your website
  • Gather all guest data before the stay
  • Create unique code to generate keys
  • Help staff focus on guest experience

Online Check-in App

Issue mobile key when room is ready
Upsell or advertise ancillary services
Pre-Check-in 24 hours in advance



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