Hotel Room, running Hetras Cloud Based Hotel Management Software

Hotels and hotel chains handle large volumes of data every day. A lot of this data frequently goes unused, however. This results in profitable opportunities if, on the basis of Business Intelligence – i.e., the targeted evaluation of this data – findings are made regarding the guest and the booking situation. With a cloud-based Multi-Property-System such as hetras, this can also be realized for entire hotel chains on a hotel-spanning basis.

Personalization – Business Intelligence enables hoteliers to ascertain the specific behavior and requirements of a guest so that they can best prepare themselves for their arrival. This means, for example, that service personnel can find out the guest's breakfast requirements and set up their favorite TV show on the TV before they arrive. The best conditions, therefore, to ensure that the guest feels "at home, away from home" in the hotel.

Distribution – A good overview of the current booking situation is an important factor when it comes to calculating prices. Comparisons with the same time periods in previous years as well as knowledge of the current specific conditions have to be available where price decisions are taken.

Forecasts – With the help of time-trend analyses, the hotelier is able to forecast temporal progressions such as the seasonal occupancy. From the booking behavior to cancelation patterns, it is possible to forecast a wide range of developments with the help of Big Data.

Campaigns – The effectiveness of campaigns or social media activities can also be evaluated using Business Intelligence. This means that in the future, successful marketing activities can be targeted and strengthened, and less effective ones, wound down.

Visualization – Wide-ranging charts and diagrams help the hotelier to rapidly interpret the data and use the findings for their planning. Of course, these visualizations can also be used for attractive presentations at investors or at internal meetings.

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Foto: Ruby Sofie Hotel, Vienna



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