Everybody's talking about New Generation Hotels. They break with traditional hotel management methods and are designed to meet the needs of a new mobile target group that is used to organizing its entire day on their smartphones and tablets. However, what makes the NGH model so attractive to hotel operators?

  • Efficiency through integration: NGHs use central reservation systems (CRS) that simultaneously include a room and front office management system (PMS) and an automatic distribution system - e.g. system's like the efficient cloud-based platform hetras.
  • Lean processes: Self check in and self check out processes as well as keyless entry system reduce the number of manual operations required and allows guests to manage their stays more efficiently.
  • Clever room design: NGHs distinguish themselves through their efficient room design. Seeing that the new generation of hotel guests all have their own mobile end devices, there is no longer any need for expensive features like phones.
  • Appealing user experience: NGHs not only attract but also make sure that guests will return by providing modern travelers with the ultimate in hotel experiences using features such as free WIFI, contemporary design and a highly personal touch.
  • Higher revenues per room: User-oriented hotel design combined with the use of hetras' platform enables NGHs to achieve higher booking rates and higher room rates (RevPAR, revenue per available room), while at the same time lowering their operational and reservation costs.

Tablet - running Hetras Cloud Based Hotel Management Software

photo: HTL hotels


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