Pera Palace Hotel Jumeirah - Hotel EnteranceIstanbul itself is a year-round attraction, and from the 20th to the 25th of October, crime fiction fans from around the world are converging on the Turkish metropolis. In celebration of Agatha Christie’s 125th birthday, Pera Palace Hotel Jumeirah, located in the middle of the vibrant and hip Beyoglu district, is hosting the Black Week.

Built in 1892, a visit to this grand hotel is like staying in a museum that takes the guest back to the Belle Epoque. This includes the faithfully restored room where Agatha Christie was staying when she wrote her classic mystery "Murder on the Orient Express".

Internationally known authors are going to be there

In the week of October 20th, there will be various readings, discussions and special topic evenings all revolving around crime-fiction. It comes as no surprise that the Turkish mystery author Ahmet Umit is one of the participants, just as the Greek author Petros Markaris, who gained international attention with his Athens-based crime novels revolving around inspector Kostas Charitos. As well, Mathew Prichard, Agatha Christie’s grandson, will also be there.

Agatha Christie and the Pera Palace Hotel Jumeirah have a strong connection. Legend has it, that the author wrote her classic mystery novel in room 411 of the hotel, which was built for passengers of the Orient Express. Today the room is named after Agatha Christie, and contains her works, photos, and an old typewriter in remembrance of her. Even the restaurant carries the name of the famous guest: Agatha.

More tips:

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