Hotel Schani Wien and hetras present the latest of a string of exciting hotel innovations: the 'choosing your own room' service

Vienna/Munich, 4th May 2015. At a recent press conference, Hotel Schani Wien and hetras, plus a number of selected project partners, presented a new hotel room-booking system to the world. As of now, Hotel Schani Wien guests have complete free reign and can select rooms by floor, the direction it faces and its view for themselves. This SMART solution is yet another trend-setting innovation that puts Hotel Schani Wien at the forefront of modern hotel design.

During the press conference, Benedikt Komarek (Hotel Schani Wien) and his project partners Michael Widmann (PKF hotelexperts), Gabriel Kacerovsky (archisphere), Vanessa Borkmann (Fraunhofer IAO) and Martin Reents (hetras) not only presented Hotel Schani Wien to over 20 journalists, but also the latest of a string of exciting hotel innovations: the 'choosing your own room' service. The new reservation system allows guests to book rooms by personal preferences. When doing so, guests can select the floor, type of room - King or Twin - and choose from rooms facing the road or garden to meet their own preferences.

Between them, the above partners have developed a whole string of innovative solutions such as a keyless check-in system, smartphone room keys and a coworking space for the hotel's lobby in addition to the 'choose your own room' service. As result, Hotel Schani Wien is the first European hotel to offer guests a fully functional coworking space in its lobby and to follow this global trend in the new world of work. In doing so, the hotel's lobby has become a vibrant communal working space that is used both by business travelers and local coworkers alike, but also includes separate rooms into which coworkers can retreat as required.

Hotel Schani Wien is also at the cutting edge when it comes to simplifying time-consuming admin processes and to meeting its guests' needs using a range of highly innovative technologies. As a result, guests can not only choose their rooms themselves, but also check in with their mobile phones, which also double up as room keys. Being able to upload their room keys onto their smartphone immediately after booking is also finally putting a stop to long queues at reception. These SMART solutions not only make life easier for Hotel Schani Wien's guests, but also free up its staff and allow them to focus on what really matters: reading their guests' every wish from their eyes. Last but not least, it also allows them to deliver concierge services normally only provided by luxury hotels.


About hetras

hetras is the first company in Germany to develop a fully Internet-based management application for hotels and hotel chains of all sizes. hetras' hotel management system has been specifically designed for new generation hotels that employ a high level of automation. It comprises a highly efficient property management system (PMS) and a powerful distribution and channel management system. The system is offered on a SaaS basis, which means that hotels pay an all-inclusive flat fee per month per room. hetras is also proud to be a technology partner in the "FutureHotel" project of the Fraunhofer Institute.

For more information about hetras, please contact:

Keith Gruen, +49 89 716718510


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