If you travel a lot, you know that wonderful feeling of walking into a hotel and everything feels just right. And that starts with the kind of welcome you get. That doesn't necessarily mean the welcome you might get from staff, but sometimes its simply enough to just have that warm feeling of finally having 'arrived' after a long day as you step through the door. To some, the 'ultimate' welcome might mean a stylish library, for another, a cozy sofa, while others might just head straight to the bar.

Gerald Huber art inspirations Photo sent in by Gerald Huber, art inspirations.


The faces of hotel lobbies are changing. And many have long since been transformed into comfortable and dynamic hubs. It's more and more a matter of 'out with the old' and 'in with the new', and that's applies across the board – to comfort, interior design and simple appeal. New build hotels in particular tend to put special emphasis on the design of their lobbies, because every good hotelier knows: First impressions count. Which means that it's vital for lobbies to be highly appealing.

Simply send a photo to office@hetras.com

This is also why hetras is currently holding a photo contest – which is really easy to join – to try to find the coolest hotel lobby around. To take part, simply take a picture of a lobby with your mobile and send it to office@hetras.com by 31st May 2015 for a chance to win: A night in the brand new Hotel Schani in Vienna. Hotel Schani's lobby is also one of those set to impress and even has co-working spaces. So, get out your phone, start taking pictures, and send them to us. We can't wait to see them!




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