Urban outfitters ipad - running Hetras Cloud Based Hotel Management Software

Retail is leading the change in how customers find, select, purchase and use products. Only few travel sites have matched Amazon’s ease of use and effectiveness in getting to the product that is right for you quickly.

In another step to free up employees to engage in a more natural way with customers, American retailer Urban Outfitters is getting rid of their traditional POS cash registers and is replacing them with iPads. (Story by BusinessInsider here)

Urban Outfitters CIO explains that “iPads, cost about 1/5th as much as a cash register, and can be used for so much: They can be turned towards the customer, who can view content, put in personal information, use it as a gift registry and so forth.”

Kiosk solutions like hetras implemented at citizenM are another great way to free up staff to interact with guest in a more natural, friendly way.


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