suitepad - running Hetras Cloud Based Hotel Management Software

hetras, the standard software for new generation hotels, and SuitePad, the in-room tablet for guest communication, work in synch to provide new methods of guest interaction at the newly opened Ruby Hotel in Vienna. The companies behind the products, based in Munich and Berlin respectively, have teamed up to roll out the solution to future Ruby Hotels as well as several other properties.

Hotel guests at Ruby make their reservation online and check in on a tablet-based kiosk in the hotel lobby, both powered by hetras. Entering the room, the guest is greeted by SuitePad, a sleek tablet computer which serves as a hotel guide, virtual concierge, daily newspaper, surfing station, guest survey and of course includes a booking button to book the guest's next stay at any Ruby property. The booking function is powered by hetras. The multi-faceted SuitePad not only replaces the traditional hotel information folder but it evens streams music – Ruby’s own internet radio station - when the guest enters the room for the first time. Every digital touch-point follows Ruby's distinct design guidelines, therefore providing a true seamless experience for the hotel guest.

hetras provides the hotel management system, booking technology and, via a powerful API, all the links which integrate the various technologies in use at Ruby. The integration between hetras and SuitePad includes personalization of the tablet, future bookings guest surveys and checkout. hetras Managing Director Ulrich Pillau goes one step further. "We didn't merely integrate multiple systems at Ruby. We supported Ruby from the beginning to design the right processes that fit with the right technologies so that Ruby could put their new generation hotel concept in place on time."

SuitePad delivers the in-room tablets along with custom apps. "The popularity of the tablets at Ruby continues to exceed our expectations. 91% of the guests use the tablets at least once per day." explained Moritz von Petersdorff-Campen, Managing Director of SuitePad. "New generation hotel guests, though they all carry their own devices, appear to appreciate the power and the convenience of SuitePad ."

The seamless digital guest journey from reservation to check-in and check-out appeals to the new generation hotel guest, judging from Ruby’s outstanding ratings for guest service. Guests can, however, still opt for a classical check-in or concierge service, if they prefer. “We offer our guests both options and leave it to them to decide. Our guests, we believe, value this choice”, explains Ruby founder Michael Struck. As both the tablet-based check-in as well as the digital in-room concierge help streamline the front-office processes and free-up resources, they indirectly even benefit the ‘human’ service: “In effect, we have more personal time and attention - not less – available for our guests”, Struck observes.

Among the most popular features in SuitePad is the virtual concierge. This may be due to the highly functional and attractive design but equally as likely due to the wealth of offerings in Vienna. Ruby plans to implement both hetras and SuitePad in future properties.


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