People go ga-ga over technology. Even the simple stuff. As innovation barrels ahead, the relative cost of this technology is not that great – implementation may even save money in some cases. In other words, there has never been a better time to set up a couple of fun futuristic gadgets to give your hotel an edge over its competition.

The battle to stand out

The goal of every hotel should be to provide an excellent customer journey while remaining memorable (and hopefully making money). It’s not enough for a guest to have had a pleasant stay, if your hotel fades into obscurity the second that check-out is complete.

apple_key.jpgYou want your guests to find your hotel so memorable that they can’t help but tell everyone about it. Some places have a natural edge: if your hotel is a treehouse in one of Sweden’s most remarkable forests or an igloo with a direct view of the northern lights, you’re probably set.

Hotels which have subtler points of difference may have to try a little harder, however. Ultimately it’s the experience that a guest has that will determine to what degree (and in what light) they will recollect their stay. Futuristic gadgets are just one area that can help a hotel stand out over its competition; here are three that might be particularly worth your investment:

Keyless entry
As travelers become more technologically-savvy and expect a greater degree of freedom, flexibility and customization, an increasing number of hotels are incorporating keyless entry into their service offering. The likes of Marriott and Hilton use them as a way to reward their loyalty members.
Since the system eliminates the need for keycards and all associated costs, this is not only a great way to bring your hotel into the future, but also one that may actually save money.


Voice-operated everything

Feelings towards Siri and her gang of voice-recognition pals are mixed. Some people love it, some not so much. However as the technology becomes more sophisticated and binds more and more devices, it transforms the world into the stuff of futuristic sci-fi movies. Except it’s really not so conceptual and futuristic at all; some of the technology is already being incorporated into hotels. After all, if you’re among the first to allow guests to change the room temperature or control the blinds with their voice, you are sure to be memorable.


What did we all do before we could binge-watch our favorite shows and then discuss them at length with our friends? Netflix and similar services have taken off and show no signs of stopping. The consumers of today want instant gratification. It makes sense, then, for hotels to embrace this trend and offer their patrons access to Netflix. It’s a small, relatively inexpensive modification that appeals to many generations and types of traveler: business travelers who want to kill time in the evenings, parents trying to temporarily occupy or pacify their kids, leisure travelers looking to take a break between sightseeing and dinner and so on.

A hotel app

Smart phones have long overtaken traditional devices as a way to get things done. They are easier, more visual and more flexible to use than an in-room phone and an awkward call to reception. A well-designed hotel app can work as a real-time communication tool to not only assist a guest with any kind of requests and orders, but also to alert a guest about special offers, recommendations, events and so on. An informed guest could easily turn into a restaurant patron or repeat customer.

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Climate-friendly everything 

The environment is kind of a big deal. The future is green. Eco tourism is getting bigger, consumers are increasingly aware of climate issues and many are selecting properties based on environmental factors. Upgrading to environmentally-friendly gadgets, such as energy control technology, energy-efficient lights, whitegoods that utilize recycled water and so on, not only keeps the planet nice for future generations but has the added perk of saving your hotel a pretty penny on utility bills.

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