Uli Pillau, Managing Director - running Hetras Cloud Based Hotel Management Software

"These days, everything has to be mobile and as quick as possible. From online booking to checking in and keyless room access - new generation guests definitely want to be able to manage everything to do with their travel from their mobile devices. Together with our other technology partners, we are also right at the forefront of app development."

Uli Pillau shares his insights in an interview with 'Hotel Management International’. About the changes in the hotel sector and, in particular, on the subject of mobile travel management solutions. This is because, hotel guests today are already having a lot more control over their hotel stays, and can even check in and out using mobile devices. This isn't the result of anything magic, but cloud-based hotel management software.

And it illustrates that mobile technologies are becoming increasingly more important. New generation hotels have already successfully demonstrated that, and hotel operators from other market segments are gradually following suit. What are the benefits of using these new software solutions? How can standardized processes ensure that operations are ideally coordinated? Why are cloud solutions so good as a platform for connecting hotels with customers? These are just some of the questions that Uli Pillau has provided some concrete answers to! Interview Uli Pillau.


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