Vectron POS SteelTouch - running Hetras Cloud Based Hotel Management Software
hetras, the developer of cloud-based hotel management software, and Vectron, a leading provider of point of sale systems for hospitality and retail, announced today the certified integration of their products. The new seamless interface between the hetras hotel management system and Vectron’s POS provides, in addition to the standard features one has come to expect, a host of highly advanced capabilities long desired, but before today never achieved, in a hotel environment.

hetras, which targets international hotel chains, and Vectron have natural synergies through their centralized concept. Hotel chains can manage rates, availability, profiles and all other data throughout the group using hetras. With the Vectron Commander, a hotel chain can manage every POS transaction and POS terminal across the group and can enforce standardized pricing and configuration in real time.

The interface is already live in multiple European hotel chains and additional installations are currently being carried out.

Some unique features of the interface include:

  • Automatic discounts for loyalty club members at the article level.
  • Front office credit limit detection at the POS with multiple resolution options (e.g. allow charge to room, allow partial charge to room, deny charge to room)
  • Full guest check detail can be sent to PMS enabling detailed folios and statistics in the PMS.
  • POS discounts can be sent to PMS in detail for full tracking of discounts in the PMS or accounting system
  • Extensive handling of house bons (e.g. for hotels staff) between PMS and POS
  • Both charges and payments (e.g. cash or credit card) can be sent from POS to PMS.

As the hetras and Vectron solutions can be connected via the “cloud”, no site visit is required to implement the integration. The project highlights how vital web-based, cloud computing platforms are for forward-thinking hotel businesses in today’s globalised business environment. The project involved developers in Germany and Ukraine as well as project managers in UK and The Netherlands working in synch to finalize, certify and roll-out the integration. Cloud infrastructure enables a global and virtual “fast-to-market” development environment.

Keith Gruen, co-managing director at hetras, said, “Integration with leading vendors has been a cornerstone of our product and company development since the beginning. The partnership with Vectron proves not only the sophistication and elegance of our solution, but shows that we remain several steps ahead of the curve. In fact, our joint solutionsurpasses the functionality of the market leader, despite the fact that the market leader provides both POS and PMS components.”

“hetras and Vectron have similar goals,” explained Thomas Stümmler, CEO of Vectron. “We are both committed to leading our respective industries with integrated technology solutions that anticipate our customers’ needs and ultimately enable them to grow revenue and profitability. We are excited to work with the experienced and knowledgeable team at hetras and look forward to expanding our relationship in the future."

For more information, contact Keith Gruen.


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