Smart Analytics is new Business Intelligence software from hetras that gives hotels and hotel chains a better way to rapidly analyze and evaluate big data. It allows users to obtain valuable information on all of their sales channels by creating their own customized dashboards.


Increase bookings on your website

Smart Analytics dashboards enable you to identify your strongest customer groups, systematically up-sell to them, and convert active users of other channels into direct bookers on your own hotel's IBE.


Increase your RevPAR/GoPPAR

Smart Analytics rate plans and pick-up analyses provide you with deep insights into your current performance. These analyses allow you to effectively compare past, current, and future performance forecasts and check and optimize your prices in real time and on a day-to-day basis.


Monitoring campaign success


Pick-up reports and geographical analyses show you which of your primary marketing campaigns and promotional channels are most successful. hetras' Smart Analytics enables you to understand and analyze your customers' travel needs and tailor promotions to your specific target group.


Visualizing trends for effective controlling


Use real-time data to align your budget with your forecast on a day-to-day basis. Trend analyses are quick and reliable indicators of a hotel's performance and strategy success. Bringing together facts, figures, experience, and intuition in a meaningful way is crucial for smart decision-making.

"These days, measuring success is key for improvement." Martin Reents, hetras CEO


Analyze campaign success by country



Analyze guest data by nationality, sales, or consumer behavior. Smart Analytics filters allow you to navigate through your data by applying your own analysis criteria. Each analysis takes the collected data to a deeper level, allowing you to identify both problems and solutions.


The first Smart Analytics users and success stories

The first hetras customers to have tested Smart Analytics are reporting back not only satisfaction with the solution, but also praise for the optimized database analytics and extensive choice of analysis options.


To quote Dimitrios Neofitidis of Qbic Hotels, who has been using hetras Smart Analytics for some time:

hetras’ Smart Analytics is absolutely KEY for our hotel chain when it comes to analyzing data in a meaningful way and allowing us to improve our performance. This means that both our revenue manager and the Group's management regularly use Smart Analytics as a tool.


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