In our series, ‘Questionnaire for Revenue Managers,’ managers describe what their everyday business looks like and what challenges they regularly face. Pamela Heimer Braz, revenue manger at Carathotels, is next. Pamela chooses to work for the hotel industry, because she sees the practice of being a great host as a form of art.

Why, exactly, did you choose this job?

My interest in revenue management evolved as I worked as Reservation Manager at my previous employer. Without really realizing, I started to implement simple Revenue Management structures that I considered to be the logical next step from reservation work. As I heard what Revenue Management is exactly about, I got so much interested to know more that I decided to study it. So basically I chose this job out of natural interest. Having the overview on the development of the revenue I am able to advice and alert all the departments giving information that helps to decide quickly and precise about necessary measures.


What would make your work easier?

If the setting up of the interfaces would work in the same way for all the systems (OTA, Channelmanager, PMS…)


What kinds of challenges does a revenue manager face every day?

  •          Collection of good quality data
  •          To develop good market knowledge, feeling and timing for Yield Management
  •          To keep an overview over the online distribution and rate management


Can Revenue Management become complicated?

Yes, especially when it comes to data collection and analysis. It is a major challenge for all Revenue Managers to get data in really good quality, so sometimes it is really complicated to compare results and derive measures out of it.   


Is there anything you do that could be automated?

For most I can think of, systems already exist. However they still can be optimized.


Which of your tools could you not do without?

Detailed analysis (excel sheet) of historical data and pick up analysis.


What would you say is your “secret weapon”? How do you use it?

The attitude to gladly work on areas and task (doesn’t matter which they are) where need arises.


If you look into the future, what does the role of a revenue manager look like?

The area of Revenue Management is really far-reaching. In which area the Revenue Manager will work more intensively will always depend on the given structures (technical, organizational and personnel formation) of a hotel. 

Thanks for responding!


Pamela Heimer Braz has been working in the hospitality sector since 2012. In January 2015, she started working as a revenue manager for Carathotels. Pamela, who is half Brasilian, is a frequent traveler and enjoys staying in small hotels with innovative and unusual concepts. She loves dancing, dogs, and inviting her friends over for a barbecue. Pamela chooses to work for the hotel industry, because she likes the diversity involved in working in the hospitality sector, and because she sees the practice of being a great host as a form of art.


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