Help your call center and your guests choose the ideal dates for every reservation

hetras introduces the new reservation agent screen including clever graphics showing occupancy and rates over a four week window. This helps the reservation agent in dialog with a potential customer select the optimal dates for the reservation.
  • The selling screen starts with a default rate plan as configured by the hotel
  • You'll see a graph of the occupancy over four weeks. This can help you promote lower-occupancy days for date-flexible guests
  • Originally requested dates are highlighted in color
  • Hover over the middle of the graph and see the lowest rate (for one person) for the selected rate plan
  • Choose a different rate plan and the rates on the graph update dynamically

This information provides the reservation agent with all information and tools necessary to carry out an informed dialog with the guest and at the same time help the hotel to increase occupancy on both high and low-demand nights.

Details of all room types, policies and restrictions round out the information.

Selling screen - running Hetras Cloud Based Hotel Management Software


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