OKKO Hotel - running Hetras Cloud Based Hotel Management Software

France-based hotel chain is the latest new-generation hotel group to select hetras

OKKO HOTELS signed an agreement to operate all of their current and future hotels on the hetras cloud-based hotel management software. OKKO, founded by Paul Dubrule and Olivier Devys, both former executives and entrepreneurs at global hotel chains, fuses high design, quality facilities and prime urban locations to meet the needs of the modern traveler.

In order to offer superior quality and personalized service at attractive prices, OKKO has made several innovations in design as well as significant investments in technology. The technology investment frees up the staff at every OKKO hotel to spend more time providing personal and attentive customer service. A cornerstone of OKKO’s technology is the hetras Hotel Management Software.

“OKKO may be a technically advanced hotel chain, yet the technology is only one of the building blocks that helps us reach our goal: to offer luxury at an affordable price” explained Antonin Carcagno, director of operations for OKKO. “We don’t even require a traditional reception desk. Guests receive their room number electronically and can proceed to their room and open their door with their mobile phone. Our all-inclusive concept eliminates the check-out process entirely. But we never lose sight of the fundamental principle of hotel business: to offer genuine hospitality.” In addition to hetras, to which OKKO entrusted the core of their cloud-based components, OKKO has formed a partnership with Swisscom Hospitality to manage the on-site infrastructure and Pepper Cube to manage its website.

As with any hotel chain, efficient distribution is a key success factor. “Our integrated channel management, GDS connectivity, centralized rate management and advanced API for web bookings will help OKKO optimize their REVPAR while keeping interfaces to a minimum” added Ulrich Pillau, Managing Director of hetras.

The first OKKO property to use hetras will be an 80 room hotel in Nantes, expected to open in October 2013. This opening will be followed by hotels in Lyon, Grenoble, Cannes, Rueil-Malmaison, Strasbourg and further locations.

hetras is increasingly becoming the preferred choice of new generation hotels and chains. Designed not only for hotel staff but also for hotel guests, hetras is easily integrated with guest-facing services such as websites, mobile apps, kiosks, review sites and loyalty programs – all of which are fundamental concepts for the forward-thinking hotelier.


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