Using the right technology is absolutely key to becoming a leading new generation hotel brand. And this is not something that just hetras is keenly aware of, but as most hotel owners all too well know: Hotel guests who are used to modern technologies in their homes will always expect the same level of comfort when staying in a hotel. However, how important is this technology? Why do hotel owners opt for hetras as a partner? Here, two hotel managers, a technology partner and the person responsible for the project 'Hotel of the Future’ from the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering and Organization (IOA), share their thoughts.

Antonin Carcagno, Director of Operations at OKKO HOTELS describes one of hetras' biggest strong points: "We don't need a traditional reception desk to offer our guests outstanding hospitality. Our guests can directly move into their rooms and open their room door with their mobile phone. Our all-inclusive concept allows us to eliminate the check-out process entirely.“ Further, ”The guest simply leaves the hotel, an automated interface processes the payment and the guest receives the invoice via email before the day is done.“

Dimitrios Neofitidis, Group Operations Director at Qbic Hotels, is also impressed by hetras' wide range of benefits. He praises the speed at which new features are released: "We still can't believe how easily hetras can be expanded from one to several objects, and that it allows us to control our hotels at every level of operations.“ The rate at which hetras releases new features is impressive. “In short: hetras is the only system with the right architecture for and that we can depend on to fulfill our requirements."

To Magnus Friberg, CEO of Zaplox, hetras' open interfaces represent yet another one of the software's strongest points. "One and the same app for opening everything. We have been able to upgrade nearly all of our existing doors and fit them with modern technologies together with hetras. This has been a lot easier and far more cost effective than we expected." Thanks to hetras' open interfaces, there are hardly any limits to what you can achieve."

Vanessa Borkmann, running Hetras Cloud Based Hotel Management SoftwareDipl.-Ing. (Arch.) Vanessa Borkmann, from the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering and Organization (IOA) and responsible for the project 'Hotel of the Future’, furthermore sees in hetras a pioneering company that will change the hotel technology sector: "Although a young company, hetras' system has already been successfully implemented in complex environments by high-end hotels and hotel chains.”


Bernd Müller, © Fraunhofer IAO


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