Qbic Hotel - running Hetras Cloud Based Hotel Management Software

One of the original new generation chains finally makes the move to the cloud-based hotel management system from hetras.

Urban, hip, chic and affordable, the Dutch-based Qbic hotel group started up in Amsterdam as a new generation hotel chain even before new-generation became trendy. It also opened before the hetras hotel management system was launched. So it was only a matter of time before Qbic joined the growing network of chains to use hetras.

Qbic’s first hotel to convert to hetras is their 171-room property in the Shoreditch neighborhood of London. “We opened with a cloud-based system from a traditional Dutch software vendor but we are excited to move to hetras” said Dimitrios Neofitidis, the hotel’s general manager. “We love how hetras can scale smoothly from single property to multi-property and we can operate the hotels at any level. Plus, the speed at which hetras brings out new functionality is impressive.”

Qbic places a strong emphasis on digital interaction with hotel guests. This includes a highly functional website, integrated channel management, self-check-in kiosks, pre and post-stay guest communication, automatic payment processing and self-optimizing revenue management. “Our goal is to help our staff minimize manual tasks such as processing registration forms and focus instead on creating value through personal interaction with the guests. Our team judged hetras to be the only system with the right architecture to meet our needs and at the same time reliable enough to be virtually support-free,” continued Neofitidis.

“The experience we’ve gained with chains such as OKKO, Bloc, HTL, Glow and citizenM has really paid off,” explained Ulrich Pillau, hetras’ managing director and global head of sales. “Our team understands what it takes to make an operation like Qbic truly work.”

Keith Gruen, co-founder of hetras and member of the board, added “we founded hetras with a clear focus: to be the best cloud-based hotel system in the world. Everyone we hire – whether it’s in R&D, sales or operations – lives and breathes cloud software. It helps us tremendously that we don’t have to carry around the baggage of legacy on-premise software.”
“Anyone who stays with us will realize that Qbic is a bit different from the standard hotel, from the eye-catching art to the organic mattresses to the unexpected delicacies in our café,” added Neofitidis, a veteran of several London properties. “Don’t be surprised if a receptionist greets you even before you step into the hotel and checks you in using hetras’ brilliant check-in tablet app.”


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