Run your hotel operations - running Hetras Cloud Based Hotel Management Software

With the latest release, hetras is certified to support Apple hardware at the front desk, reservation office, home office and wherever else hotel staff needs real-time access to their hotel management system

The cloud-based hotel management system from hetras now officially supports the Safari browser that is standard on all Apple hardware. This means that hoteliers can use not only Windows-based computers but the complete product range from Apple as well.

Apple has taken not only the consumer segment by storm but the business segment as well in recent years, thanks in part to eye-catching design that can add elan to a hotel reception. For a cloud-based system that only needs a browser and internet connection to run, it is natural that hetras supports Safari and therefore all Apple hardware.

“If you’d like to use iMac at the front desk, MacBook Air at the Concierge, MacBook Pro in Reservation, iPad at the VIP check-in and a Windows PC at housekeeping, it’s no problem with hetras” says Martina Hahler, Product Manager at hetras. “You don’t even have to install any special software, drivers or Windows emulators. It works beautifully right out of the box.”

The hetras research and development organization works under the principle of continuous releases, meaning that new features and enhancements can be made available to the hetras community any time. “We issue a new public release at least once every two weeks” explained Robert Masser, chief architect at hetras. “Certified Safari support was included in our release last week. Expect more exciting features in next week’s release as well.”

hetras also runs on Internet Explorer, Chrome and other standard browsers as well. It’s no problem to mix and match hardware and browsers within one hotel’s environment.
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