"To cut a long story short", says Martin Reents, "we are really looking for new people to join us - and the sooner the better." hetras, Martin's company, has been continuously expanding, which means more customers, innovative products, new staff. "However, we still need more people to work for hetras, and not just that, but we need exceptional ones," adds Martin, "because we also want to achieve our targets as planned."

Which is why Astrid Neumann has now joined hetras. Astrid is a marketing specialist, joined hetras in spring and is currently focusing most of her energy on recruiting more people for hetras’ Munich office. This is because hetras is well aware that exceptional people are always 'hard to get'. That’s because Germany's economy is booming and at the same time faced with a serious lack of specialist staff, which presents an enormous challenge for companies.

However, whether or not candidates are drawn to a job often also depends on the company's corporate culture. Which should be alive and kicking as opposed to rigid, if it's creative types you hope to attract. But, what does that actually mean?

"Candidates are like customers"

According to Gabler's Dictionary of Business and Economics, Corporate Culture is defined as the "collective values, beliefs and behaviors that determine how a company's employees and management interact and handle outside business transactions."
When asked about how he feels about his Employer Branding, Martin explained that, when it comes to recruitment, candidates are just like customers, and need to be taken equally good care of. "Thats because," says the CEO of hetras, "we obviously want to get them on our side". According to Martin, one of the most important factors in winning new recruits is an authentic corporate culture.


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To list but three of the main outstanding feature's of the corporate culture of hetra's office in Munich:

  • hetras corporate culture is not something abstract, but is actually lived in the organization. Communication within the company is open and easy, which in turn creates an open, trusting and creative atmosphere, which is being deeply appreciated by all hetras's staff.
  • hetras provides people with an opportunity to contribute to developing or to implementing products that will be changing the future of hotel technology and revolutionize the whole hotel industry.
  • The target sector comprises extremely interesting customers ­– innovative hoteliers from around Europe with cutting edge hotel concepts. An incredibly fun environment to work in!

A lot of companies that have caught on to the importance of staff wellbeing and workplace happiness are now stating things like 'Creating a Company We Love' on their website. "All of which," according to Martin, "is good", but would be superfluous if these principles were actually already being lived in the organization. Notwithstanding the above, this is naturally something that requires ongoing work.

"For us, there is absolutely nothing that is immediately set in stone"

What's important: Although, here at hetras, we provide our staff with a clear sense of direction, as they say, with us "nothing is ever set in stone". For this reason, people who enjoy having a lot of freedom and who love working independently will feel right at home at hetras.


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