Martin Reents hetras CEO, running Hetras Cloud Based Hotel Management Software

Have you ever considered moving your hotel to the cloud? More and more hotel operators are doing so now, which shows it's definitely a possibility. But, why would you want to? Just because it's a trend is definitely not reason enough. Martin Reents, hetras' CEO, talks about the advantages of the cloud, and is quite open about the fact that, "If I walk into a hotel and am stuck at the reception while somebody fritters my time away at their PC, I do not consider that service."

If you ask hotel operators who use cloud-based hotel management software what it is that prompted them to do so, you are likely to hear something along the lines of not having to invest in hardware anymore, of data backing itself up and the ability to access all of their data at any time, regardless of place and time. But there is still a lot more to it, not least of which are three benefits that relate to hotels' administrative processes that Martin Reents considers key to a hotel's success:

  1. Cloud-based hotel management software allows complicated administrative procedures (checking-in and out, paying) to be largely automated and hence makes them less important in a hotel.
  2. This frees up hotel staff and allows them to spend more time focusing on guests to really attend to them and to be a great host.
  3. It also allows more challenging tasks that are critical to success (e.g. revenue management, distribution) to be centralized, which means that hotel operators can employ professionals to deal with them.

A perfect match for the changing world of hotels.

This is not least because guests themselves are increasingly demanding access to modern technologies and want their private travel to be a real experience, way beyond the conventional pleasant stay - or, if traveling for business, are loath to loose precious time at the reception.

Being able to book online and from their cellphones or tablets, and checking in and out that same way comes very high on modern guests' wish list. When it comes to the urban traveler, personal attention is yet another key requirement for success. According to Reents, "Guests are tired of being greeted with 'how can I help?' and superficial smiles." Instead, modern guests demand genuine interest and attention, and providing that takes time. Taking it a step further still, Reents adds "If I walk into a hotel and am stuck at the reception while somebody fritters my time away at their PC, I do not consider that service."

Hotel operators benefit because they simply earn more.

Cloud-based hotel management software primarily benefits hotel operators simply because it allows them to earn more. Reents: "More revenue per room is achievable because hotels that use cloud-based management software generate comparatively more revenue per available room, while investing less per room and having to employ fewer staff." Hotel management with hetras means higher capacity utilization at better room rates and, at the same time, less reservation costs and lower operative costs per guest.

Last but not least: Cloud solutions are highly effective for connecting hotels with guests.

"One of the first things we do when integrating our platform is to connect a hotel to a selection from more than 250 booking channels through which guests can book its rooms.” hetras' system will subsequently take care of checking guests in, selecting rooms, any additional services that guests may book during their stay and of checking guests out at the end of their stay, as well as sending out feedback requests and linking the hotel to review sites. It also means that hotel operators subsequently have access to all hotel-related data and the system's functions from a central interface. That allows them to use hetras from anywhere in the world, on any kind of device, including mobile.

Reents: “hetras’ solution includes a fully mobile guest journey: booking a room, checking-in and opening the door – all can be done by the guest using his mobile phone only.”



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