Today we talk to Attila Kecskés. Attila has worked as a software developer for many years in different companies within Romania/Hungary. For the past 6 years, he has been working for hetras as Software Developer.

Attila Kecskes hetras cloud-base PMSHow did you come to work for hetras and what do you do here?

My journey to hetras started in an unusual way. I was offered a 3-month “summer-job” as an external consultant to do QA. Looking for new experiences, I accepted it but finding myself back to developing software after just 2 weeks. I have been developing software since then.


What kind of challenges do you face every day?

I am the 3rd level of support at hetras, so sometimes I need to take care of tasks related to our cloud environments. Sometimes I am also involved in issue analysis, tracking down issues that occur in the system. Aside from that there is always time to enhance the system either by fixing a bug or adding some cool new feature.


Why did you study engineering and what is so fascinating about programming?

I studied mathematics and informatics (not engineering). I was fascinated by computers when I first got my hands on one at the age of 14 and I still love working with them. Being able to tell computers what to do, by writing code, makes my job super entertaining.


Can you explain something about the hetras API?

Using our public API, integrators can have access to the core functionalities of the hetras system, like get an offer, create or modify a reservation, send out invoices to guests. This allows us to expand the variety of services we provide to our customers, e.g. usage of IBE, kiosks, mobile apps and more.

Why is a public API so important?

When a third-party entity wants to integrate their products with hetras, an API is crucial. A well-written and documented API makes their product better and generates less support tickets on our side, resulting in satisfied customers. Who could want more?


Why should hotels change to a cloud based PMS?

Hotels (especially chains) will have more control over their business, the properties can be viewed or managed from a distance, using just a browser.


Tell me three things you really miss from your home country and three things you really enjoy here!

I really miss my friends. What I like here: relaxed and nice people, Bavaria is always green and the German beers are amazing.



Who else is working for hetras?

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Attila Kecskés is happily married and has two children who he says, “makes him feel a child again”. He loves playing with them a lot, no matter if it’s football, a board game or their favorite video game. He enjoys hiking in the Bavarian mountains as much as lying in the sun on a sandy beach. He loves to travel and wants to show his children how beautiful the world is.



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