It’s time to consider letting a Cloud-based property management system (PMS) streamline your operations and improve your responsiveness, data access and controls. You are likely comfortable with the operation of your legacy PMS; you’ve bought the servers, installed the software and trained your staff to use it.

cloud-based PMSTo be sure, you’ve made a large investment in your system, but you may be surprised to see that a cloud-based PMS will maintain the same functionality (meaning no new training on the basics) while offering advantages like remote login, distribution management, process automation, and real-time data analytics, just to name a few.


Cloud Based PMS: A closer look

Mulling a big change to hotel operations comes with certain anxieties that would cause trepidation in any responsible hotelier, but with some online research, we can see that Cloud-based computing is unlikely to disappear largely due to the fact that it is so dynamic and scalable for the future, not to mention that working on the cloud eliminates the need for on-site server hardware and associated expenses. In addition to these savings, cloud-based PMS also offers immediate options to boost your bottom line, giving you a leg-up through some features like:


  • PMS runs in your browser
    There is no on-site equipment to maintain and no software upgrades to install. You will have immediate  access to your hotel management software and data.
  • Anytime, real-time access
    Because a cloud-based PMS is running in your browser, you securely login and have real-time access to all

  • Automated tasks
    Bookings, reservation updates as well as payments can all be managed automatically from a cloud-based PMS.

  • Multi-property Management
    You can easily access and analyse all data across multiple properties because all that data is in one place.

  • Mobile Guest Journey
    Smart phone App integration allows direct booking, check-in and check-out for Guests, all automated through the PMS, frees up staff time from managing bookings.

  • Data Analysis
    With data analysis software built in,
    you can generate real-time, customizable reporting from all your data, gaining valuable insight into your operations.

 cloud-based PMS

Cloud-based computing is the new normal. Already the US Government has adopted cloud services, and you are already familiar with Gmail and Google Drive, Netflix and other huge technology offerings storing and delivering data in the cloud. It’s time to relinquish reliance on physical media and its inherent challenges and limitations. Embrace the potential of the future of travel and communication by embracing the cloud.




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