Case Study

BLOC Hotels

Efficient processes for a positive guest experience

There are two main reasons BLOC Hotels chose a cloud-based system. First, training on the system is extremely fast, and the flexibility of access makes the system truly portable. Also, the Hetras system allows BLOC the utmost flexibility, with the use of API to integrate into our existing web applications. Hetras allows BLOC Hotels the efficient use of pre-payment for its guests, thus allowing a check-in time averaging one minute, vastly streamlining the customer experience. The integration of central reservation (CRS), property management (PMS), and automatic distribution (Channel Manager) in one system reduces BLOC Hotels’ response time, allowing increased profitability through rate adjustment.

Hetras management offers the right balance of flexibility and technical knowledge, allowing BLOC to fine tune its offerings and combine technology and guest experience in an efficient, commercially viable process.

Rob Morgan, Founder and Managing Director of BLOC Hotels

In the UK, the BLOC Hotels philosophy is new and innovative, offering quality accommodation at great prices for the savvy traveler. The target group is mainly business travelers, but the Gatwick hotel caters to the family market.

It may be a new concept, but people get the idea immediately and love it. BLOC Hotels undertook a lot of research before embarking on this business and quickly realized that not everyone wants to spend so much time in the hotel. Most people don’t even want to unpack, so why put in unnecessarily large rooms with huge wardrobes? What BLOC Hotels offer is a much more intelligent concept for people who are looking for a stylish few nights' stay at a great rate.


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